MASSIVE school!

“At university I learned almost as much from my peers as I did from my professors” owner Ryan Switzer reflects. This mode of thinking defines the music school portion of Massive Tank Studios. Top quality instruction coupled with the right environment that is conducive to the “budding” musician. This is the combination that makes great students and this is the combination that produces great musicians. 

MASSIVE lessons!

Show your friends, have some fun, measure your progress! Producing great students while having a great time is at the heart of every lesson taught at Massive Tank Studios. Our college/university qualified teachers offer classes in guitar, bass, piano, vocals and drums. On a monthly basis recording projects are done and sent home with every student for the purpose of documenting progress. Of these, the top recordings (as selected by our teachers) are posted on Youtube and our website to showcase the talent of our students. When will we hear what YOU can do?