Massive Tank Studios has one goal:

Give a great sounding mid-level demo at a very competitive price point, while retaining all of the materials you would need to take your track as far as you would like!

Well that sounds wonderful doesn’t it!? So, how exactly do we do this??

Massive Tank Studios has a very specific manner in which we record clients. The goal is maximum time efficiency on all parts of the recording as well as recognition of our limitations. Fact is, we will not be able to mix or master your album as well as Sony or Metalworks!

“Why?” you might ask…

We don’t run a multimillion-dollar studio with every resource imaginable.
“Ok, so you aren’t as good as they are, why don’t I take my business to them?”
By all means do, if you have a TON of money to spend on your recording!

Fact is, music production breaks into 4 categories (5 if you include pre-production):

Tracking – The process of actually recording the parts of your song.
Editing – The process of making each recorded track sound perfect (or very close).
Mixing – The process of making every instrument sit at just the right volume, and in the correct sonic space allowing separation and clarity between all instruments.
Mastering – The process of making every track you have recorded sound like they “fit together” while attaining a “listenable” volume level and adding other attributes.

Where does Massive Tank Studios fit into all of this?

We specialize in tracking and editing. By all means we will give you a track that sounds great and is mixed well at a listenable volume level, but these are really intended for Myspace or Youtube.

Ok, I am interested now. How do you make it cheaper, and how can I take this further?

Every single recording done at Massive Tank Studios starts with a consultation. The purpose of this is to establish a game plan. Our goal is to “get into the clients head” and figure out exactly what it is that you want. Once we have an idea, it is time to do our job! We come up with a game plan that will minimize the amount of studio time you use, while maximizing the results.

We do this in the following ways:

All drums are recorded on a MIDI kit, or are 100% sound replaced using a multi-mic setup.
(Multi-mic sound replacement drum recording is a part of price package A only).
All guitars are tracked with software amplification simulators. Re-amping is applied after editing of all parts is completed and approved.
(Re-amping is a part of price packages A and B only)
Vocals are recorded in a scratch track but are then re-recorded in isolation.
(You may record without a click, however editing rates are raised as a result)

Ok, so that is what you do. How can I take this further than Massive Tank Studios?

ALL tracks are recorded in industry standard formats and will be given to you at the end of your session in a manner that would be able to be opened in ANY recording program! Basically, we give you what we did, but we also give you all of our source material so that any studio will be able to tailor it to whatever their needs (and your growing needs) might be! So if you would like a radio quality mix, no problem! Hand our files to Metalworks or Sony, they will know exactly what to do with them, but know you saved a TON of cash on the first two stages and at no point, have you compromised the potential result!

Recording Examples from Massive Tank Studios: